3D people are often used in Virtual Worlds

The creation of 2D & 3D content is vital in today’s virtually driven world. From people’s interest in video games to their need for meeting friends inside of a virtual environment. Illusion Foundation is company that caters to the needs of both 2D & 3D modeling, including virtual worlds. 3D models of people, animals, Universities and creatures are all part of the services that Illusion Foundation offers.

3D people are often difficult to create for the average creator. The subtleties of the face in particular can be quite a challenge. This is why Evermotion is the wise choice to make should you need 3D people models. They have over 22 years of combined experience and within the virtual community, they have a 10 year positive reputation, supplying realistic 3D models of people that are meticulously created to resemble their real-life counterparts.

Chris Marker, the famous film director has even used the services of Illusion Foundation to create a 3d model of his famous sketch drawing of a cat, Guillaume-en-égypte. This 3d model was created by Exosius Woolley, who is the co-founder of Illusion Foundation. Exosius, is the name that Edward Howell chooses to go by for business purposes, when creating for the many residents of virtual worlds, such as Second Life. His partner and co-founder, Robert Sword, goes by the name Katana Woolley when creating for virtual clientele.

If you find yourself in need of 3D people, animals, spaceships or otherwise, Illusion Foundation is highly recommended for the many services that they provide. They have a variety of prior client work featured on their website and can accept payments via Paypal if you prefer.

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